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Amber123_1 Twitter Video Becomes Viral – Cat Girl TikTok Video

Amber123_1 Twitter video is trending online and people on TikTok and Twitter are reacting to the viral video.

This is photo from Amber123_1 Twitter video
Image Via Twitter

A video was shared on Twitter by user Amber123_1 showing a woman holding a cat upright in an extremely natural posture. The video is currently going viral like wildfire.

According to the details, on July 21, 2022, a Twitter user named ‘Amber123_1’ became a topic of interest on TikTok and people started talking about a video that this Twitter user posted on his timeline. They mentioned the Amber123_1 cat video without saying more details and asked other TikTok users to go to Twitter and watch the Amber123_1 Twitter video.Also, watch Lauie Tagaloa’s videoOut of curiosity, hundreds of TikTok users flocked to Twitter to watch the alleged video.

Analyzing the Twitter profile of Amber123_1, this Twitter user is an unpopular user on Twitter with less than a hundred followers. However, due to the recent video she posted on her Timeline, her follower count is skyrocketing. His profile says he is from Coventry, UK. She joined Twitter in January 2021.

Video: Amber123_1 TikTok Video Viral On Twitter

On July 21, 2022, Amber123_1 posted a video showing a girl standing while holding a cat. In the last part of the video, she is seen feeding the cat to herself.

It appears that the video was first streamed live by another TikTok user Blasianbaddi (Blasianbaddie226) and was later screen recorded by this TikTokTok live user Blasianbaddie226.

We will not upload the alleged video here. But you can watch Amber123_1’s Twitter video on this link.