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Dalai Lama Video – Dalai Lama Viral Video

Dalai Lama video is becoming viral on the internet and social media platforms. Dalai Lama viral video is being viral on twitter.

You can watch full video here.

Image Via Twitter

The Dalai Lama affectionately plants a kiss on the lips of a young Indian boy. “Suck my tongue.”

Dalai Lama calls up a minor boy, kisses him on lips, asks for a tongue kiss as well. Also, notice where he takes the boy’s hand. This is disgusting and appears to be a case of child molestation.

A video of the Dalai Lama is circulating of him sexually assaulting a young boy. In the video, he demands the child to “suck my tongue”. Sadly, this comes as no surprise to me.

  • The Dalai Lama endorsed the NXIVM sex trafficking cult.
  • Just like Jeffrey Epstein, he has ties to the CIA. Declassified documents show that the CIA paid the Dalai Lama $180,000 a year for much of the 1960’s.
  • And like all elite pedophiles, he despises Trump and had the audacity to claim Trump has a “lack of moral principle”.

Authorities should charge this child predator with sexual assault of a minor.