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Split Face in Diving Incident Goes Viral – Face Split video explained

Face split diving accident video becoming popular on the internet and social media platforms. People are curious to know more about the incident that’s why, in This article, we will explain the whole “Split face diving iincident.”

You can watch video here.

Warning: The article below contains the details of an accident. Which may not suitable for some readers.

This is screenshot about the face split diving incident
Image Via Twitter

A 16-year-old boy dives from the seaside in the Lebanon capital Beirut and slips before diving. When he slips, he misses the ocean and instead hits the concrete slab below, where fishermen are fishing.

First it hits the concrete face down, then it falls face down into the ocean. Before long the ocean is r*d for yards and yards. There are people and boats in the water trying to help the man, and girls are screaming everywhere.

The scene then moves to a hospital where the poor man is being cared for by a team of doctors and nurses. His face is split vertically in the middle. He is still alive, conscious, breathing and his tongue is moving. He looks frightened.

The doctor takes the sides of his face and pushes him several times to make him whole again. “Where do I start?” the doctor asks several times in Arabic.

There are many rumors that this video is fake, but it is a real video. We know this because people in Lebanon are talking about it.

It happened in Beirut in the second week of June 2009. The teenager and his brother were showing off their diving skills by diving on the Manara Promenade (photo), on the Beirut waterfront, right in front of the American University.