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Hand Dryer Video Viral On TikTok – Hand Dryer Blade Video

Hand Dryer video is going to viral on social media (TikTok and Twitter). People are afraid to use hand dryers after watching this disturbing TikTok video.

This is photo from the hand dryer video
Image Via Twitter

Bazı TikTok müşterileri, el kurutma makinesinden çıkan bir bıçağın yer aldığı viral bir videoyu izledikten sonra en derin korkularının kilidinin açıldığını iddia ediyor.

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Since it was posted, the video has received more than 12.9 million views, 1.8 million likes, and 41,000 recommendations, with many TikTok customers claiming that the video reveals a new concern about hand dryer use.

Hand Dryer video

The video shows a hand dryer covered in bl0od in a dirty, graffiti-filled bathroom. Suddenly, in less time than it takes to slowly retract, a huge knife emerges from the drying mechanism.

Before the video is made, a message appears on the demonstration screen that reads Don’t put your hands in the hand dryer, they can cut them. Or do it, we don’t care.

In a comment dedicated to all those with anxiety, the distinctive poster explains, This video is an animation and none of this happened. If people say it is, they are trying to scare you.

TikTok’s video on bloody towel addresses concerns

Regardless of whether it is an animation, more than 40,000 comments embrace people who say they are now afraid to use a hand dryer.

One clearly obvious person commented, You have triggered a new fear of hand dryers! Another wrote: OK, I’ll slide them sideways from now on.

A third added: I knew it was normal for you to be afraid of these hand dryers. A fourth outspoken person wrote: I am very happy to use paper towels.

Some people even shared motion pictures of themselves reaching for hand dryer in public swamps but hesitating to use them. A certain obscene person posted a video with the following comment: Never use one of these again.

Others, however, debunked the animation, showing that there is nothing to fear.