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Howie Mandel’s deleted TikTok video – You may not want to know

On Saturday, July 9, the Canadian celebrity Howie Mandel posted a videoon TikTok of her rectum hanging out, which has since been deleted from the platform but continues to circulate online from people who recorded the content before it was removed.

This is image from Howie Mandel's deleted TikTok video
Image Via Social Media

The internet is abuzz with comments about comedian Howie Mandel’s deleted TikTok video… but you may not be prepared for what the mysterious clip is actually about.

Howie Mandel has successfully built a significant online presence outside of his traditional reputation as a TV host and iconic comedian.

Having appeared in many of David Dobrik’s most popular vlogs at the time, Mandel now has his own Tiktok account with over 9 million followers.

Video: Howie Mandel’s deleted TikTok video

Although he is known for his occasional witty banter on his celebrity profile, the internet is abuzz over a video he uploaded and later deleted, leaving many users regretting watching the clip in the first place.

Why did Howie Mandel delete the TikTok video?

On July 11, 2022, Mandel uploaded a video to TikTok showing a picture of a prolapsed anus.”

This happened when my friend Niel bent over,” she said, as if reading a message on her phone. “Does anyone know, is this [redacted] related to the incident? And if so, what do we do with it? Oh.”

It is unclear why Mandel decided to post a clip with such a graphic image on social media, but the clip was reportedly removed a few hours after it was uploaded.

Now, thanks to this bizarre video, most of Mandel’s comments on TikTok are filled with people asking him to provide an explanation or somehow acknowledge the deleted post.

This is image from Mandel's comments on TikTok
Commenters aren’t letting this one go

Even better are the hilarious memes that have taken over Twitter, where netizens are clearly regretting ever looking for the clip.

For now, Mandel has not commented on the matter… but this would not be the first time he has posted a questionable post on TikTok.