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IShowSpeed Banned on YouTube after Streaming Minecraft Jenny Mod – Minecraft Jenny Mod Video

Massively popular streamer IShowSpeed claims it was banned from YouTube after streaming an adult Minecraft mod (jenny Mod) in front of 90,000 live viewers.

This is photo from IShowSpeed video Minecraft Jenny Mod
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YouTuber iShowSpeed pushed the limits of what is possible in Minecraft after receiving a BJ from Jenny mod.

IShowSpeed has quickly become one of the most popular content creators on the internet. With his frequent outbursts of anger, boisterous personality, and off-the-cuff comments, he has become one of YouTube’s most prominent personalities.

YouTube creator Darren “iShowSpeed” Watkins is known for his unique sense of humor and unusual streaming behavior, which most fans describe as comically erratic and which is probably a major factor explaining his success. However, during his last streaming on July 21, 2022, he may have gone a bit overboard with his antics.

After making offhand comments on Adin Ross’ dating show E-Date, Speed was banned from Twitch and found a new home on YouTube. However, this isn’t the last time Speed will be called out for commenting on color shows.

However, Speed’s most recent controversy involves those who use their mouths in a different way. On July 21, 2022, Speed live-streamed an adult Minecraft mod in which an NPC named Jenny ate Steve’s “Cooked porkchop”.

You can watch here.

IShowSpeed claims to have been banned.

Although Speed acknowledged that the content he posted was obscene and should not be seen by “child” viewers, he continued to play the mod. He repeatedly turned the screen off and on and showed Steve’s male anatomical parts entering Jenny’s mouth. It had over 90,000 simultaneous viewers at the time.

This caused a range of emotions within the YouTube community. Many viewers saw nothing wrong with the content, noting that various GTA RP streams showed similar actions. Others thought it was irresponsible of Speed to expose its young viewers to adult content.

On July 22, IShowSpeed posted a story on his Instagram account that read “I’m banned guys, bye bye.” He also tweeted a screenshot of a message from YouTube stating that the stream had been removed. This, in turn, means that Speed has received a warning about the community guidelines on his channel.

In an exchange with Jake Lucky of Full Squad Gaming, Speed explained that he deleted the stream as soon as it showed explicit content.

He also posted a video on his second channel titled “last message” in which he announced to his fans that he is “gone” and wants to reach 10 million subscribers.”I don’t know when I’ll be back, I don’t know if I’ll be back,” Speed said. “You’ll probably never see me again”.

However, according to YouTube, Speed was only banned from streaming for two weeks. That’s the punishment all channels face when they get their second hit, and you can even see the highlights in his goodbye video.

Regardless, it looks like Speed will take some time off from creating content. His fans will be waiting for his return, whenever that may be.