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Matt Walsh’s Twitter gets HACKED

It appears Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has had his Twitter account hacked. On Tuesday evening, the account posted numerous provocative claims and racist language. The bio was changed to promote a rap Spotify account called “Sassy Shooters.”

This is photo of Matt Walsh's Twitter
Image Via Twitter

Among the shocking tweets:

“Joe Rogan is a pedophile”

“I Can Confirm Andrew Tate @Cobratate Kidnapped And R*ped Those Girls.”

“@benshapiro You Know What You Did, You Are A Closeted Homosexual And Hide Behind Being Jewish.”

and the pinned tweet, “My Pronouns Are That/Nigga.”

Image Via Twitter

The account also posted a photo of a phone with the caption “My Twitter Isn’t Hacked, This Is Just The Real Me Coming Out.”

The image indicated that whoever has the phone is in the Eastern Time Zone.

The hack means that Walsh’s DMs have been comprimised. The tweets were deleted just before time of publication.

Walsh, a Daily Wire commentator, is an outspoken critic of radical transgenderism and the targeting of children by trans activists. 

Walsh’s colleague Ben Shapiro responded to the hack on Twitter:

“Over the past few months, my friend @mattwalshblog has been threatened to the extent that he’s had to have full-time security at his home to protect his family. Now he’s been hacked. The tolerant and diverse and kind crowd are celebrating, of course.”

Walsh recently helped lead a Budweiser boycott in light of the Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney partnership.

“The Bud Light boycott has been by far one the most successful conservative efforts to push back against corporate wokeism we’ve ever seen,” Walsh said. “By very wary of any conservative who is naysaying this. We’re actually making a dent and they’re complaining. Remember that.”