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Mexican Actor Pablo Lyle found guilty involuntary manslaughter in Miami

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A Miami jury on Tuesday found Mexican actor Pablo Lyle guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of a 63-year-old man.

The case dates back to 2019, when the actor punched Juan Ricardo Hernández during a traffic altercation , who died days later from head trauma.

The actor, known for his performance in soap operas such as “Adorable curse”, could face a sentence of up to 15 years. A judge will have to dictate his resolution at a later hearing.

The jury was made up of 6 people and reached the verdict after a day of deliberations.

The actor’s defense, who did not exercise his right to testify at the closing arguments hearing, maintained that Lyle acted to protect himself and requested that the case be dismissed under Florida’s self-defense law.

But the prosecutor Gabriela Alfaro convinced the members of the jury. In her final arguments, she repeated the words that Hernández would have said before falling to the ground: “Please , do not hurt me.”

Reactions at trial

The end of the trial, which began on September 20, had extensive coverage in the US Spanish-language media, which broadcast Tuesday’s hearing live.

Dressed in a blue suit, Lyle remained serious as he listened to the guilty verdict and Judge Marisa Tinkler Mendez order his arrest. The actor had remained under house arrest until Tuesday.

Before being handcuffed and taken to prison, he said goodbye to his wife Ana Araujo and other family members with hugs and kisses.

Mercedes Arce , Juan Ricardo Hernández’s fiancee, broke down in tears upon hearing the verdict. Several relatives of the deceased were present at the hearing.

In her final arguments, prosecutor Alfaro had said on Monday that what happened was not a soap opera scene, but something real. She stated that on the day of the altercation Lyle was angry and was not in a position to defend himself or his family from him.

“That blow that Mr. Lyle gave him caused the victim to fall backwards to hit his head and open his skull, injuries that caused his death,” said the prosecutor.

But Lyle’s wife stated during the trial that she and her children were afraid of Hernández : “He was beeping at us all the way, until we stopped and I began to hear a man yelling and insulting.”

The coroner testified that Hernández suffered a hemorrhage in the front and back of the head, as a result of the blow Lyle gave him and the fall after losing his balance.

What happened the day of the altercation?

On March 31, 2019, Pablo Lyle finished a 10-day vacation in Miami and headed to the airport with his family in a car driven by his brother- in-law, Lucas Delfino.

In a parallel way, Juan Ricardo Hernández, a 63 year old Cuban, was driving his vehicle along the same avenue in North Miami when Delfino apparently took a wrong exit and blocked his way, getting into his lane and leaving his car in front of him.

Taking advantage of a red light, Hernandez got out of his vehicle and went to rebuke Delfino. He got out of the car to argue with Hernandez, but his vehicle began to roll toward the intersection of the street, so he ran to get back in to stop him.

Hernandez then walked back to his car, but Pablo Lyle, who was co-driver with Delfino, got out of the car and ran to where the man was.

He punched him in the face and went back to his car. Hernández fell to the ground and the car driven by Delfino continued on its way.

Four days after the incident, Hernandez died in a hospital from head trauma.

What evidence was there?

The most notorious evidence was a video, captured by a security camera at a gas station located in front of the traffic light where the events occurred.

In the video you can see what happened and that is why it is possible to describe in detail the chronology of the incident.

The prosecution subpoenaed a witness who was inside his car at the same intersection.

He stated that he saw Pablo Lyle “running with aggression and clenched fists.” The witness stated that Lyle hit Hernandez after he “raised his hands to protect himself from him and shouted in Spanish” No, no, please don’t hit me “.

The defense, for its part, has alleged certain inconsistencies in the witness’s account.

The actor’s defense

According to the arrest record, Lyle stated that Hernández raised his hands when he approached him, so his reaction was due to the fact that “he believed that the victim was going to attack him first” and acted in self- defense.

During the actor’s first intervention in the trial, he stated that when he was in the car he heard a loud bang on the vehicle’s window and Hernández shouting insults: “Are you crazy, are you an idiot, stupid?”, so that everyone in the car jumped in surprise, “it was something unexpected” and he was “really scared.”

He recounted how the situation worsened when Delfino got out of the car. That is why he also tried to get out to “avoid or do something, because my family was there”, but the car began to roll towards the intersection.

He recounted, in a broken voice, how he tried to stop the car without success in the midst of panic and thinking that “I was going to lose my family.”

The main argument of the defense was that the actor instinctively defended himself and his family from what he considered a v!0lent attack.