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Tai Emery Flashes The Audience After Win At BKFC Event

Tai Emery flashes is going viral on the internet and social media platforms. Tai emery flashes the audience after win at BKFC event in Bangkok. You can watch video here.

This is photo of  tai emery during fight
Image Via Twitter

Bare-knuckle fighter Tai Emery stunned fans by showing off her B00bs after her knockout victory.

The 35-year-old Australian marked his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut with a devastating knockout victory in Thailand.

Emery dropped her opponent Rung-Arun Khunchai in the first round with a textbook uppercut followed by a brutal right hook. She then celebrated her victory by jumping on the ropes and lifting his top to show his breasts to the crowd.

The commentators marveled at Emery’s bizarre choice of celebration. One exclaimed, “Welcome to bare-knuckle wrestling, Tai Emery!”

The co-commentator, meanwhile, chose to address the elephant in the room, saying, “Interesting celebration, I’ve never seen it before!”BKFC posted footage of Emery’s jubilation on its Instagram account…before it was hastily deleted.

Emery is a former American soccer player and has his own OnlyFans channel.