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Tuimala Fire Video Going Viral On Twitter

Tuimala Fire Video: Video of Tuimala Uinisē Moala, a resident of Vava’u, Tonga, dying in a fire has gone viral on social media. You can watch full video here.

Tuimala Uinisē Moala was unable to escape the fire
Image Via Twitter

The 46-year-old woman was unable to get out of her burning house. Internet users took to social media to express their anger at those who recorded the tense moments instead of helping.

One person said that people were recording the video while the victim was burning inside the house and wondered what they were doing it for, the user said, “5 seconds of fame while someone is losing their life?”

Law enforcement officials said Tuimala and her husband were in their three-story home when the house went up in flames. The husband managed to escape from the building, but his wife was trapped in the fire.

Police also said they were aware that the video was circulating online. Authorities added that some false information about the incident was circulating on the internet.