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Tyga ay Caramba Apologies Video Viral on Twitter – Tyga Mexican Video

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Tyga’s ticked off many fans, especially in the Latin community, with his new “Ay Caramba” video, which is filled with unsavory stereotypes, but he’s trying to apologize and make good with a new interview. You can watch full video below.

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Tyga recently dropped his latest single “Ay Caramba” and was met with major backlash from the Mexican-American community as many felt the visual was offensive.

Coming through to the Power 106 studios with the L.A. Leakers Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk, the Los Angeles native had an in-depth conversation addressing the serious matter. While Tyga admits that he waited to respond to the backlash he received initially, due to him wanting to do proper research for his acknowledgment, the rapper does detail his apology and explains the actual inspiration for the video and how it was never his intention to offend anyone.

Citing his reference to comedic great Eddie Murphy, Tyga explains the “Ay Caramba” character was in homage to the actor. As the conversation opens up for serious dialogue and understanding, Tyga and “American Cholo” representative Lulu, share their points of view about the climate of our black and brown communities and much more.