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Watch Takayo Nembhard Video – Takayo Nembhard Stabbing Goes Viral

Takayo nlNembhard video becoming viral on twitter and other social media platforms. You can watch video here.

This photo is taken from the Takayo Nembhard Stabbing video
Image Via Twitter

The man stabbed to death at the Notting Hill Carnival on Monday was Takayo Nembhard, 21, a rapper from Bristol, his manager said.

He was attacked in Ladbroke Grove after what police said was a largely positive and good-natured event. Chris Patrick, the rapper’s manager, said in a statement, “He had gone to the carnival with his younger sister and friends to have a good time. “It’s the worst possible ending for a talented boy.

Video: Rapper Takayo Nembhard Stabbing video

“The artist, also known by his rap name TKorStretch, has had more than 300,000 plays of a song on Spotify and has about 11,000 monthly listeners.

He wrote on Instagram, “Two years ago a 19-year-old young man from Bristol with his father came to meet me at my studio, his name was Takayo Nembhard AKA TKorStretch.”

This meeting took us on a journey. His talent was limitless and I can say that he was very close to perfection!”So it is with great sadness that I give you the news that Takayo (TKorStretch) passed away last night.”

He traveled from Bristol to enjoy the London carnival and this is the result! “My deepest condolences to TK’s mom and dad, brother, two sisters, girlfriend, and his little boy who will never know his dad!”

TK was a good guy, a good man, and what happened broke my heart.”Rest in peace, man.”

A family member at Mr. Nembhard’s home in Bristol confirmed that he died at Carnival Monday night and asked that he be given privacy to grieve.