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Watch Yung Gravy leaked video – Yung Gravy viral on Twitter

Bartholomew0794, who uploaded a video of U.S. rapper Yung Gravy to Twitter, rose to fame after the video went viral.

This is photo from Yung Gravy's viral video was leaked on Twitter by bartholomew0794
Image Via Twitter

Gravy, a 26-year-old rapper born on March 19, 1996, in Rochester, Minnesota, USA, rose to fame in 2017 with the track “Mr. Clean” and has since been certified RIAA Platinum.

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The rapper has released one album, three volumes and seven EPs. In addition, he has completed seven international tours and another is scheduled for August 2022.

Video: Yung Gravy’s viral video was leaked on Twitter

He also graduated from Mayo High School and majored in marketing at the University of Wisconsin. During his college years, Yung began singing for fun. He made his debut as a musician on SoundCloud. His video can be seen on Twitter at J_B_xox.

Who is @bartholomew0794 on Twitter?

Unknown Twitter user bartholomew0794 registered on the platform in July 2022 and has since posted 23 tweets.

Bartholomew’s profile has only existed for a little over two weeks. However, he has published some well-known posts on Twitter, including one about American singer Yung Gravy. It has indeed gained some publicity.

It also shows that the comment was posted by someone else who intended to spread Gravy’s personal video online and damage his name. This person may not even be a fan of the artist.

He also has 635 subscribers and this number may increase significantly in the coming days. His popular tweet received 6.4k likes, 951 shares, and 627 replies. The person is expected to eventually come forward and reveal himself so that others can trust the character and learn something about him when he hides behind his identity.

In what direction did Yung Gravy go?

Yung Gravy, whose real name is Matthew Raymond Hauri, has taken the Internet by storm worldwide. On social networking sites, an ugly clip of him became very popular.

The American rapper has not faced any other negative situations, but Twitter is overflowing with reactions from viewers who literally cannot believe what they see in the clip.

Moreover, since it was released a few months ago on June 10, 2022, his original music video for Betty (Get Money) has been viewed 4.5 million times. She also uploads her songs to her YouTube channel with 1.42 million subscribers.