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Watts Up Mickey Exposed Video Drama Explained

Internet comedian Watts Up Mickey is causing a stir on social media after an explicit video of him went viral online. He has since taken to his Instagram account to address the controversy.

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Influencer Baddie Megan recently uploaded an explicit video of herself alongside Watts Up Mickey on OnlyFans. The video showed adult footage where the duo presented themselves sans clothes.

Megan and Watts Up Mickey were left stunned when the video, which was secured behind a pay wall, found itself on Twitter and Instagram. It remains unclear whether the duo intentionally leaked the explicit footage.

Watts Up Mickey Exposed In Video

Since then, Watts Up Mickey has deleted his official Instagram account. However, he went on to create a new account to address the matter at hand.

Meanwhile, Baddie Megan took to her official Twitter account and claimed that she was unaware that Watts Up Mickey was a well-known content creator online.

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Who is Watts Up Mickey?

Watts Up Mickey is best known for his comedic content online. He has also gained a following for being the brother of fellow comic Watts Homie Quan. Along with creating hilarious content, the duo dabbled in music as well. They released their single G’d UP in 2015.

Image Via Twitter
Image Via Twitter

After creating a new Instagram account, Watts Up Mickey had amassed 410 followers at the time of writing this article. In his bio, he wrote

Watts up follow me them other accounts fake on the set don’t get clout off me Acc got took at 19k

While addressing his and Megan’s video getting leaked online, he wrote in his Instagram story:

Instead of trying make fun of me for clout Maybe u should pray for me & seee if a n***ga is ok…. Y’all don’t kno where My head is at mentally and the thoughts I have

In another Instagram story he said- “everybody weird asf.” Mickey went on to admit that he “did it for the clout.” He wrote online:

I just did it for the clout y’all know this Crip

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The comedian went on to add screenshots of people showing him support over his video getting leaked on social media.

A message a follower sent to the comedian shared on the latter’s Instagram story
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As the comic continued to ask his followers to feel sympathetic towards him over the video getting leaked online, Megan took to her Twitter account to respond to critics. One of them wrote on Twitter:

Well, congratulations you just ruined his career in. He lost a lot of followers because of you and he is no longer accept it in LA.

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Megan responded by saying that Mickey “hit me up.” She also added that she was unaware of his internet stardom. In her tweet, she also said- “from his social media hes not even famous but ok lol.”

Watts Homie Quan addresses his brother’s explicit video getting leaked

Mickey’s brother Watts Homie Quan took to his Instagram stories to defend his brother. He also clapped back at those who were trolling his brother online. Quan’s Instagram story read:

It’s funny how ppl wanna tear down mfs but the same so called Straight n**gas all watchin the video posting and talkin about it I ain’t seen it so what that say about all you straight n**gas yall n**gas sassy & yo dirt ain’t come out yet. It’s so easy to laugh at somebodies pain and you hiding behind yours…. what’s goes around comes around. Mfs have no time on their hands to be talkin bout this s**t or make y’all day about it.

This screenshot taken from the wattshomiequan Instagram after Watts Homie Quan reacts to video leak
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In another Instagram story, Quan added that he is letting “God handle this situation.” He also stated that he is not going to “allow nobody to bully nobody” and that he “stand behind my bro.”