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Who is Jovi Pena? Understanding the s*xual assault allegations made by the TikToker at Kai Cenat’s party

Jovi Pena video is going viral on the internet and social media platforms. Kai Cenat friend video is being viral on twitter.

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TikToker and Twitter user Jovi Pena (@thejovipena) took to her socials to post a series of tweets detailing a traumatic sexual assault incident during Twitch streamer Kai Cenat’s recent New Year party.

Jovi Pena, who has over 120K TikTok followers, revealed that she was advised by Kai to spend the night in one of the rooms in the house since it would be safer than traveling. However, according to her statements, a “complete stranger” walked into the room while she was asleep and “brutally raped” her until she woke up.

Pena also stated that Kai had not assisted her in identifying or finding the alleged perpetrator.

What did Jovi Pena say in her Twitter posts?

Earlier today, Jovi Pena, who was among the people invited to Kai Cenat’s New Year party, shared some disturbing details of her time at the gathering. Pena posted a series of tweets detailing a sexual assault incident that took place during the event. In her first post, she revealed that a stranger had raped her at the party:

Jovi Pena’s first tweet in which she revealed the perpetrator’s identity (Image via Twitter)

She then went into the specifics of the incident. She stated that she was invited by Kai Cenat to the party. However, since she was intoxicated, she resigned to one the rooms upstairs where the streamer assured her that she would be safe:

Her follow-up tweets revealed that the alleged perpetrator had entered her room and sexually assaulted her. She also said that the accused had suggested that she keep the entire incident a “secret.”

Jovi Pena’s account of the assault (Image via Twitter)

Upon being asked if he had used protection, the alleged perpetrator claimed that he used a “skins condom.” She wrote:

Jovi Pena later texted Kai about the incident and asked for his assistance. However, she stated that there was not much help from his side:

Jovi Pena concluded the thread by talking about how she’s been dealing with the aftermath of the incident. In her final tweet about the incident, she stated that she has been suffering from a great deal of trauma due to the experience. She also added that she wanted justice:

Has Kai Cenat responded to the thread?

Yes, the AMP member took to his Twitch account to livestream his reaction to the entire controversy. Kai stated that he had not been able to actively respond to all of her inquiries because he was taking legal advice. He also revealed that he had informed the police about the incident:

“As soon as this was brought to my attention, I didn’t go nowhere else but the police. I went to my legal team and I went to the police. I’m not playing. I’m not beating around. This is a serious topic. Let’s go to the police. Let’s figure this out. You feel what I’m saying?”

He added that his team has been in constant touch with the victim’s representatives to request information that may help in the ensuing investigation.

At the time of writing, the victim is yet to respond to Kai’s livestream.

Fellow streamer Felix “xQc,” a friend of Kai’s, took to his Twitch stream to provide his take on the matter. According to him, Kai could have handled the entire situation better by focusing more on Pena’s needs.

Further details about the incident are expected to come out in due course.