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Marshawn Lynch Video – Bodycam Shows Arrest of Marshawn Lynch for Suspected DUI

This is photo of Marshawn Lynch
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WATCH: The full bodycam footage of former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s arrest for suspected DUI was released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Authorities say Lynch was apparently found sleeping in a vehicle that was in an undrivable condition. The police report says the front driver’s side wheel had no rim or tire and that both passenger’s side tires were about to fall off.

Tonight, LAS VEGAS police releasing bodycam video of former NFL star Marshawn Lynch’s arrest on a suspected drunk driving count. Initially finding him asleep in a damage sports car.

A police spokesman says they investigated the car tuesday morning after seeing that it was missing a tir and had physical damage to the exterior. The video shows police repeatedly asking Lynch to get out of the car as they discovered he may have been in an impaired state. Later on, officers dragged him out.

According to an impaired driving report, obtained by a Las Vegas Nbc station Lynch repeatedly fell asleep, smelled alcohol, and admitted to stealing the sports car he was found in a black 2020 Shelby GT500.

The report also said, once Marshawn Lynch was in custody, officers had to, “use a restraint chair to force a blood draw” for DUI testing after a judge issued a warrant. The results were not made public

Police arrested Lynch on four charges including a DUI and driving an unregistered vehicle. In a statement, his attorney said his car was safely parked and not in operation when police arrived. And since he was not pulled over for a DUI. They were confident that when all evidence is presented , this will not be a DUI under Newada Law.

No stranger, no controversy Marshawn Lynch has previously been arrested for other driving incidents.

A hit and run charge in 2008 and a reckless driving charge in 2012. Marshawn Lynch was released 3,381 Dollars bail, his next court date will be December 7th.