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Mo Mountain Mutts Video Going Viral On Internet

A viral video by TikTok user Mo Mountain Mutts, which was posted on December 29, 2022, showed some dogs getting on a bus and settling down in their assigned seats. A team consisting of husband Lee Thompson and wife Mo Thompson runs the specialty Mo Mountain Mutts bus for dogs in Skagway, Alaska. They offer dog training and walking services.

This screenshot is taken from the mo mountain mutts video
Image Via Instagram

The Mo Mountain Mutts video has become an internet sensation ever since it was uploaded on TikTok and has gained 8.5M likes ever since. People flocked to the comment section to share how the video has melted their hearts.

User @maajaa08 wrote that they’re already a dog walker as well as a school bus driver. However, they asked how to become a dog school bus driver:

“I am already a school, bus, driver and a dog walker. How do I become a dog school bus driver?”

(Image via TikTok/@maajaa08)

All the seats on the Mo Mountain Mutts bus are available to the dogs, except for the driver’s seat

The adorable TikTok video was shared from the driver’s perspective, starting with a black and white German shorthaired pointer named Jake boarding the bus and Mo Thompson greeting him. The former then sniffs the seats before finding his own and climbing on it. His leash is then safely attached to a harness on the seat.

The scene cuts to another husky malamute mix named Amaru, who is waiting for the bus in the snow. When the bus stops near him, and the door opens, he hops on it and takes his seat. Next, a black Labrador retriever named Bama was picked up and seated. Another dog, whose name was not mentioned in the video, walked to the bus, got on it, and settled down in his seat.

In a conversation with CNN, the owner of Mo Mountain Mutts, Mo Thompson, said that the majority of these dogs could recognize their assigned seats. However, some of the puppies still don’t know their allocated seats yet. They try to jump on any seat that is available until Mo and Lee shuffle them back into their “licky puppy corner.”