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Video Shows “Black Ink Crew” Star Ceaser Emanuel mistreating dogs

PETA is calling for Black Ink Crew star Ceaser Emanuel to be prosecuted for animal abuse after a video showed him mistreating dogs.

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The two-minute video, from a home security system, shows Emanuel kicking a dog and hitting it twice with a folding chair. He then puts another dog in a cage before pushing it down a hill.

The video went viral and soon after VH1, the network where Black Ink Crew airs, fired him. While admitting his actions in the video, Emanuel says he was simply settling a fight between his dogs. The camera footage came from his systems and he says he does not know how it leaked, but he believes he was set up.

You can watch full video here.

Fulton County Animal Services says the statute of limitations has not expired and he could still be charged for the incident.

“Animal abusers are often repeat offenders,” says Lisa Lange, senior vice president for communications at PETA. “And this dangerous person should be held accountable and banned from owning any animals.”

Video: Black Inc Crew Star Ceaser Emanuel mistreating dogs

Animal abuse is more common than people think. According to PetPedia, an animal is mistreated every 60 seconds, of which more than 65 percent are dogs. In the United States alone, more than 10 million animals die each year due to mistreatment, not counting animals raised for consumption, which are also severely abused. Animal abuse happens everywhere and is a serious problem. We need more laws to protect animals and hold abusers accountable.