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Watch Sanna Marin Party Video – Sanna Marin Video Becomes Viral on Twitter

A video in which Prime Minister Sanna Marin seems to be celebrating with public figures began to spread rapidly on social media on Wednesday. So far, there is no information about the authenticity of the video or its origin.

 This is screenshot from social media video, in the videos with Marin, the photographer and influencer Janita Autio can be seen in particular
Image Via Twitter

ON WEDNESDAY, A VIDEO SPREAD ON SOCIAL media in which Prime Minister Sanna Marini (sd) is allegedly celebrating wildly. In the video, Marin dances fast and sings songs by Antti Tuisku along with others . It seems that the video was shot at a house party. The video published by IS has fragments of the video circulating on the internet.

Video: Sanna Marinin bilevideo leviää somessa – juhlii useiden julkkisten kanssa

Videos are circulating on social media in which Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) celebrates with people she knows from the public.

A video is spreading on Some, in which several videos with Marin are included. In the videos, the revelers sing, hug and dance together. The videos celebrate, for example, to songs by Petri Nygård and Antti Tuisku . The videos show drinking glasses and swearing. Marin also dances and sings in videos.

This is Screenshot from a social media video, in the videos, Marin dances with celebrities
Image Via Twitter

Among the partygoers seems to be at least party member Ilmari Nurminen (sd), who is known as Marin’s good friend. Singer, songwriter Alma and her sister Anna , presenters Tinni Wikström and Karoliina Tuominen , photographer Janita Autio and stylist Vesa Silver also appear in the video .

At this stage, there is no information about the publisher of the video or the exact time of publication. The barely two-minute video has been cut from several different videos. Some of it has apparently been published in the stories section of Instagram, because the video shows the logos of different Instagram users.

Ilta-Sanomat reached Prime Minister Sanna Marini on Wednesday evening before the video became public. At this point, Marin said that she knows that such videos are circulating. After the videos became public, he said that he would not comment on the matter during Wednesday.