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Watch Spice Video Tape Measure – Spice Twitter Exposed Tape Measure Video

This photo is taken from the spice exposed twitter tape measure vidoe
Image Via Twitter

Spice video tape measure is going viral on twitter and other social media platforms. You can watch full video here.

This photo is taken from the spice twitter exposed tape measure video
Image Via Twitter

For the past two days, Dancehall Queen Spice has been posting random photos on her social media pages with a dress maker’s tape measure, hinting at what she might be up to. She certainly wasn’t measuring the time until the release of her second album.

On Wednesday night, the unpredictable entertainer shocked, delighted and even worried thousands of fans around the world by releasing an “uncut” clip from the video for Tape Measure, which will be released Friday as part of her second album Emancipated.

In the 23-second clip, which sent Internet users into a frenzy, the Send It Up singer is seen walking around the two male leads with a tape measure in hand.

The video received thousands of views and comments on the popular social media platform in less than an hour.

Spice’s PR team seems to have created anticipation with this stunt, which has left some excited to see the full video and hear her new songs.

Some of Spice’s followers also seem to have taken an interest in one of the unidentified models.

@FYV3STAR said, “You couldn’t tag her or put @ in the comments or nun!!!?”

On the other hand, some men were not too thrilled with the phalluses hanging on their faces. One man even shared a screenshot to show that he blocked the singer for her obscene post.

Spice is no stranger to big tricks when it comes to promoting her projects.

In 2018, she deleted all photos from her IG page and then posted a photo with light makeup, which raised doubts that it was bleaching or even plastic surgery. It turned out that this was all a promotion for the song Black Hypocrisy, which is about racism and prejudice against black people.